100% refund Anti-Tip Furniture Anchor(4Pack)

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Editor Say:

  Exactly what we needed. I keep seeing those horrible videos with dressers falling nearly on kids, and my toddler tries climbing everything. I can’t rest at ease now that we installed these. Great quality and easy to install. If you have small kids, get these before becoming another statistic. The price is worth the peace of mind and your child’s life!

  This is a review for Adoric Anti-Tip Furniture Anchor & TV Straps Kits, Adjustable for All Flat Screens TV, Child & Baby Proofing Brackets for Dresser Bookshelf Tether Straps, Mounting Hardware Included, (4 Pack, White).
  I have two children under the age of 10. I also have a lot of bookshelves that don't exactly rest flush against the wall. Every time I acquired one of these bookshelves, they came with a cheap little wall mounting bracket that was little more than a plastic clip with a hole for a nail. Not exactly secure in case one of my kids decides to climb a bookshelf to see what is on the top shelf!
  That is why I decided it was time for something stronger. I tell my kids do not ever try to climb a bookcase, but I get worried at night thinking about what would happen if they did. The Adoric Anti-Tip Straps is what I needed. These things are solid, and they come with a wide variety of screws and brackets to mount the strap to the wall and to the bookshelf. I have a picture attached to show the bag of screws and brackets. They also are adjustable, which is great as not all of my bookshelves are the same distance from the edge of the wall. What is also nice is the number of straps for the price.
  Mounting furniture, in my opinion, is something you just have to do if you have kids. Do yourself a favor and toss out the cheap mounting brackets and go with this product.

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