100% refund Cable Management Sleeve(4Pack)

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Editor Say:

  This was a much-needed purchase for me. I just recently purchased a USB charging hub that had 6 wires coming out of it for my nightstand. Every day I was messing with a large number of cords and untangling them. This easy to use cord sleeve solved that problem in seconds. All my cords are now compacted into this nice item that keeps my nightstand free of multiple cords floating around. Wish I would have bought this years ago.

  These are a must for computer desks with a lot of cables. They are genius!! I was using bread ties and zip ties and while it worked fine, it was such a pain if I had to separate a wire. These are perfect because you just bundle them together and zip it up. I can I zip it if need be and it’s not a hassle at all! I really only needed 2 with all my cables but I used the others for lamps and a coffee maker. Highly recommend!!

  I couldn't stand the sight of the jungle of cords hanging from my mounted tv. I tried the plastic cover, but it was impossible to change cords or move the tv without it cracking. This cover is working well and allows me to move the tv and DVD player without the cords breaking through. I currently have two cord sleeves on the tv and it looks a million times better than it did.

  Hides cables real good. You can zip 2 together if you have a lot of cables.

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