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Allows you to trim and shape your body effectively and easily. Facial Hair Removal for Women designed to remove facial hair safely and painlessly from lip, cheeks, chin and neck on All Skin Types and Tones. Angled Foil Shaver Hypo-allergenic surface and Stainless, steel blade provides you a clean, smooth and safe shave. Precision Bikini Trimmer plus length comb Gives you flawless bikini lines painless and comfortably, maintain sensitive bikini areas with a sharp.

Facial Hair Remover

Gently press facial removal head flat against your skin. Proceed by making small circular motions to remove unwanted fine hair. The unit should not be at an angle.

Angled Foil Shaver

The angled foil shaving head is used for shaving fine hairs after trimming longer hairs with the trimming head.

Do not use near long hair, as the hair may become entangled in the spinning head.

Bikini Trimmer

The bikini trimming head is used for cutting longer hairs (armpits, bikini regions, legs, etc.) precisely trims down hairs to 0.5 mm. Click-on the length comb (3/5mm) to the trimming head and precisely trim your hair at 3/5 mm length.

When using for the first time, do not press the trimmer up against your skin too hard to avoid injury.

When using, make sure the head should be at an angle against the skin as shown to avoid scratching.

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