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To straighten hair, Place the iron at the root of your hair, closing it lightly. Glide iron slowly from roots to ends. Grab the next section and repeat.

To flip hair, place the iron at mid-shaft and slowly rotate iron away from your body. Repeat for remaining sections. Comb or brush gently to blend sections together.

To curl hair, place the iron at the root of your hair, lightly close, and pull iron from scalp. Take end of hair strand and wrap it under and around the iron. Continue to gently pull and rotate the iron until you've reached the end of your sectioned hair to create a ribboning effect. The slower you pull, the better the result. Repeat.


Plate Type: Tourmaline ceramics

Voltage/Power: 100-240V/40W

Plate Size: 1 inch (25mm*100mm)

Dimension: 300x30x35mm

Temperature Setting: 250°F - 450°F(120℃-230℃)

Power Cord Length: 2m(79inch)

What you get:

1x Hair Straightener with manual

1x Reusable box + Flat iron bag

1x Salon comb

2x Salon hair clips

Deal Score:80


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