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  According to a survey, 6 of the most popular smartphones in the first 10 of the U.S. were from the iPhone. The amount of iPhone powder not only increased the number of iPhone sales, but it also made more and more of the ancillary products on the rise.

  The Sylater product mentioned today solves one of the biggest problems iPhone users face -- balance. The iPhone's "imbalance" is the inability to use headphones while charging. One of the product experience people said: "This solves one of my biggest problems with the iPhone 7: the inability to support both wired headphones while charging the phone. When my wireless headset crashes, I have to use a wired device. I just want to be able to listen to music on my headphones in bed and charge it at the same time. Or connect the battery pack and use headphones at the same time.”

  Now, the adaptor has patched up the problem, and it makes it possible to charge and listen to songs and even phone.

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